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"Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind" ~ Patanjali
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

World Yoga!

6pm World Yoga- Beginning Thursday September 8th
We will travel the world together, every Thursday night! Fun music from different parts of the world and we will repeat a flow 3-4 times throughout class, along with a section for core and balance asanas and lots of fun things in between. We wind down with hip openers, and savasanah; a silent time of rest and stillness.
Level: “I’ve done some yoga” to - Intermediate.
Location: East Bank Yoga:
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Class will begin at 6pm, but feel free to arrive early, I will have meditative music on 5:40-5:55 for anyone that would like to sit in stillness prior to class.
*Please post which would be your favorite places to travel on Thursday nights :)


  1. Stacy! I LOVE this World Yoga idea! I am sad because I am scheduled to work every Thursday all school year and might not ever make it to your class. :( But I am so happy that you are sharing such a creative, musically- inspired way to practice!


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